Special Theory of Ether


Roman Szostek  &  Karol Szostek

The theory which change physics












The Derivation of the General Form

of Kinematics with the Universal Reference System

Kinematics in the

Special Theory of Ether

(issued in English and Russian)

The Explanation of the Michelson-Morley Experiment Results by Means Universal Frame of Reference

Derivation method of numerous dynamics in the

Special Theory of Relativity

This article presents formal proof that STR is a wrong theory.

Derivation of all linear transformations that meet the results of Michelson-Morley’s experiment and discussion

of the relativity basics

This article explains what time means in kinematics theories and why c is not a limiting speed.

Explanation of what time in kinematics is and dispelling myths allegedly stemming from the Special Theory of Relativity

Derivation of numerous dynamics of the Special Theory of Relativity for three spatial dimensions

The original method of deriving transformations for kinematics with a universal reference system

Related topics

Gravitational waves in Newton’s gravitation and criticism of gravitational waves resulting from the

General Theory of Relativity (LIGO)

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Earlier versions

The Geometric Derivation

of the Transformation of Time and

Position Coordinates in STE

The Reference System in Cosmology and the Possible Modification of Lorentz Transformation (in Russian)

Properties of Kinematics with the Universal Frame of Reference