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Special Theory of Ether


Roman Szostek  &  Karol Szostek

The theory which change physics









     The 20th century was a period of huge progress in technology. However, in science there was applied an erroneous physical theory by Albert Einstein, announced in 1905, which wrongly shaped several generations of physicists and pushed science onto the path of paradoxes.

     The Special Theory of Ether is the kinematics and dynamics of bodies. It implies that there is a universal reference system in which the universe is located.


      We have discovered the truth about the Special Theory of Relativity which is considered to be one of the most important physical theories. We present the Lorentz transformation, on which it is based, should be interpreted. We demonstrate, among others, that the most famous physical formula E=mc2 is misinterpreted because in reality it has no connection with the internal energy of matter.


      The ether in Special Theory of Ether is the universal frame of reference in which light propagates. Ether is the carrier of light. We proposed our idea that the ether, like other bodies, emits thermal radiation. This is the microwave background radiation. So, ether is a kind of substance with physical properties.

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Special Theory of Ether


Karol Szostek  &  Roman Szostek

Science should be a methodical investigation to the truth,
combined with the  incessantly negation of the obtained results.

      In the book, we present the new physical theory, introduced by us, which we called the Special Theory of Ether (STE).

     The task of physics is to study and describe reality. The most important sources of information about reality are experiments. The physics deals with creating theories that describe the results of experiments and explain them. Over time, with the development of technology and knowledge are available the results of new, more complex experiments. Sometimes, it turns out that they reveal new properties of reality that have not been described nor explained with available theories so far. This was the case when phenomena of the electromagnetic interaction and radioactivity were revealed experimentally. Then, to describe this reality completely, it was necessary to redevelop the earlier theory, or create entirely new ones. It is a normal process that we call the development of science.


    In the nineteenth century, have been conducted experiments very important for future of physics. In 1849, Armand Fizeau (by the method of a toothed wheel), and in 1850, Jean Foucault (by the method of a rotating mirror) have conducted an measurements of the velocity of light. Then and later, was measured only average velocity of light that covers the way there and back, after reflection from the mirror. Nobody has ever been able to measure the velocity of light in one direction.


     In 1887, Albert Michelson and Edward Morley conducted an experiment with light, the aim of which was to find a universal frame of reference, called the ether, and to measure the velocity at which the Earth moves in the ether. The ether by assumption was supposed to be the medium where light propagates. Based on the available traffic theory, which was developed by Galileo and Isaac Newton, the outcome of this experiment was predicted. The result of the experiment, however, was inconsistent with expectations. It turned out that it cannot be explained by the theory available then.


     The answer to this problem was the new physical theory published in 1905 by Albert Einstein and called the Special Theory of Relativity (STR). The theory’s aim was to explain the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment. STR has become the only one available theory describing kinematics and dynamics of mass. For over 110 years, it has been considered to be one of the most important achievements of physics in the history of mankind. On the basis of STR, interpretations of very expensive scientific projects, which billions of dollars are being spent on, such as particle accelerators, are conducted. STR is lectured at universities and is contained in almost every textbook on physics. STR is considered today as an unquestionable science, which is why its criticism is facing great resistance from many physicists.


      However, it turns out that the mathematics on which the Special Theory of Relativity (STR) is based is currently misinterpreted. In STR the clocks in inertial systems are desynchronized. Measurements, e.g. one-way speed, using such clocks do not give real values. It is therefore justified to derive a new theory that can replace the special theory of relativity.

      The book presents the theory of movement in space (kinematics of STE) and the motion theory of mass (dynamics of STE). The analysis shows that there is a universal reference frame, called the ether. It stands out from all the other inertial reference frames, that in it the velocity of light is constant in all directions, and all chemical processes proceed the fastest. The acknowledgement of existence of the ether is necessary if we want to properly explain the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment.


    In the work, four ways to derive the most important model in the theory, namely the transformation of time and position between the ether and a inertial reference frame, are presented. The first two methods are based on geometric analysis, based on the conclusions from the Michelson-Morley experiment. The third one bases on generalization of the Galilean transformation. The fourth one is based on the correct interpretation and modification of the Lorentz transformation.


    In the work, we presented theory of dynamics of mass and present four descriptions based on different assumptions that concern respectively the law of conservation of: change in momentum (STE/dp), force (STE/F), force to change of time (STE/F/dt) and mass (STE/m).


    We show what properties the velocity of light has, and why numerous experiments aimed at detecting the ether could not have been successful. We have shown the method of determining the velocity of the Solar System in the ether. We present the correct formula for the Doppler effect. We also present the description of an experiment that will help to determine the velocity of light in any direction in our inertial frame of reference.


     It is a great mystery how it is possible that the Special Theory of Relativity, which is self-contradictory and thus useless to draw objective conclusions about reality, is a theory widely recognized.


    It is very probable that the results of many experiments that were contradictory to STR have not been published. Researchers who have obtained them rather pick out errors in the experiment itself or errors in the interpretation of results, than the evidence that STR is erroneous and inconsistent with experiments. It is also very probable that the results of many experiments have been distorted to match STR and easily passed the review. Some scientists to get promoted, prefer to have any publication than waste time on discussions with reviewers defending STR. They know that it is unlikely that articles contrary to the prevailing doctrine would receive positive reviews. Additionally, there is a big fear of embarrassment. Few physicists who notice contradictions in STR want to admit it. They do not want to be recognized as people not understanding this "greatest achievements of human thought".


    Since the proper theory of kinematics and dynamics of bodies in space is already available, there is a need for the reassessment of the results of all physics experiments and astronomical observations previously analyzed using STR.

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